The Hair Mask for Luscious Hair

Keeping your hair healthy and strong can be a struggle. Over the Christmas period I used my straighteners / curling wand a lot more than I usually do and this has subsequently had a bad impact on my hair. I have already written a post on my Top 5 Tips for Healthy Hair which includes a YouTube video, where I talk about tips on maintaining healthy hair. In today’s post I wanted to share with you a new hair mask that I have been loving.

Shea Moisture Superfruit Complex 10 – IN – 1 Multi-Benefit Hair Masque 

Using this intensive antioxidant-rich treatment is a perfect way to restore moisture and renew dry brittle hair. I have added this mask into my hair care routine and have been using it on a weekly basis, usually on a Sunday, as part of a pamper session. 

The ten benefits of this hair mask: Age-Defy, Nourish, Anti-Stress, Revive, Body, Colour Protect, Shine, Deep Condition, Strengthen, Hydrate and Soften.  

Superfruit Complex: A blend of Red Raspberry, Ketones, Goji, Acai and Guava Extracts rich in anti-aging antioxidants. 

Marula Oil: Contains natural plant peptides that help support hair’s elasticity.

Biotin: Nourishes individual strands for thicker, stronger hair. 

The brand itself has a great ethical standards policy where all their products are natural, organic, sustainably-produced goodness. They remove harmful and unnecessary ingredients from their products:

No Parabens
No Mineral Oil
No Formaldehyde
No Phthalates
No Propylene
No Paraffin
No Petroleum

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