5 Christmas Party Nail Varnishes

My favorite way complete an outfit over the festive period is by having sparkly nails. When spending money on Christmas presents you might not want to pay to get your nails done professionally, therefore, I’ve accumulated a collection of budget nail varnishes to share with you.

Rose Gold God 

These Next polishes were on 3 for 2 so I picked up 3 shimmery shades which happened to fit perfectly into this post! This is a pearl effect polish from Next called ‘Rose Gold God’ – costing only £4. 

Ballet Shoe 

Also from Next and costing only £4 is this glitter effect polish in the shade Ballet Shoe. This shade is sliver with sparkly gold glitter throughout. 

Well Jel

Costing £4 again, this is a Matte Effect, yet bright, polish in the shade Well Jel which is a perfect pink shade. 

Bronze Bae 

Barry M have always been a favorite brand of mine when it comes to nail polishes and I am loving their shade Bronze Bae from their Molten Metal collection. The Molten Metals have a chrome effect with a mirror-shine foil finish. There are 10 shades to choose from if Bronze isn’t up your street and again, they’re only £4 (£3.99 to be precise) 

Golden Brown 

I’m not entirely sure why this has brown in the name as it isn’t anything like a brown, but this is a golden pink shade. It’s not as bright as the pink shade above but is a lovely subtle girly shade. 

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