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I have to admit, for ages I have been eyeing up the nail varnishes in Next and not purchased them because I always end up sticking with my well loved Barry M polishes, however last weekend I finally gave in a thought ‘why not give them a go?’…

Next nail polishes

This gorgeous pink shade was my first choice pick and I then went on to choose a further two shades in order to qualify for the 3 for 2 offer (logic, right?) 3 polishes for £8 is a pretty good deal! 

Next nail polish 'well jel

‘Well Jel’ is this amazing pink glitter shade that is a matte finish. However, if you want to, you can apply a clear coating of polish over the top to make the varnish shiny – this is what I have done to my nails but it’s great to have the option to keep your nails matte.  

Next nail polish

The best thing about this nail polish? It’s easy to remove! With most glitter polishes I really struggle to take it off using nail varnish remover but this stuff comes off much easier *praises the varnish gods* 

According To Abi

A little lesson learnt by me to try new products because you never know how much you may end up loving them! 

According To,



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