Yummy Green Smoothie

I’ve tried a fair few green smoothies in my efforts to try and eat healthily, but so many of them taste revolting! I think that’s the hardest thing when trying to eat well, it doesn’t taste as good as something that probably takes up your daily intake of calories. 

BUT, I’ve finally found a green smoothie recipe that tastes good and does good! It also contains everyday ingredients so you don’t have to go out in search of something such as wheatgrass. 

1) 1 Banana 

2) Half an Avocado

3) Apple Juice 

4) 2 hand fulls of Spinach 

5) 1 Kiwi 

Above are the ingredients that I like to include in my smoothie, of course add or remove what your preferences may be. I haven’t included exact portions of the ingredients as I like to increase and decrease this in regards to how much juice I want to create! 


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