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 I’m a big believer that our living spaces can affect our moods. I always feel a lot happier and more motivated when I get to both relax and get ready in such a nice space.

Today I want to share with you some snippets of my desk/vanity space in my room and give you a few tips that may inspire you in some way or another.

To present my main body sprays and perfumes, I’ve positioned them on a mirrored plate. I find that this adds interest and brightness.

Behind my perfumes I have a pretty pink fake plant that I bought from IKEA. Plants are a great to fill empty space and add colour to your room/living space, also if they’re fake you don’t need to worry about watering them!

Mirror – The Range 

This mirror is a positioned in an awkward place in my room and I rarely actually use it, I’ve positioned it where it is so that it can fill an empty space on my wall. Mirrors are a great way to make a room look brighter and bigger. 

As above, I have another mirrored plate and fake plant on my dressing table.

Plant & Pot – IKEA

Hair Bow Clip – New Look

Around the jar on the right, I tied a bow around the rim using some lace to made it look prettier.

Small Mirror – IKEA

Makeup Brush Pot – IKEA

Rose Gold Brushes – Zoeva

Second Makeup Brush Pot – Is a pencil pot that I bought from Paperchase 

Notepad – Marks and Spencer

I loooove this ‘noteworthy’ note pad! Funnily enough I don’t actually take notes on’s for decoration! 

One of my favourite decorations is the bicycle I bought when I went on holiday to Amsterdam with my mum. 

The little red duck is a lucky duck that my parents bought me!

I hope you enjoyed this post! I love interior inspiration and watching things such as bedroom tours on YouTube! 

Talk Soon,

According ToAbi

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