LUSH: ‘Honey’ Gift Set

Name: Honey – Gift Set 

Price: Unknown as this was a gift.

Where: LUSH

A little while ago I received this lovely LUSH set off of my boyfriends parents. I took these photos when I was given the gift – they’re almost all gone now! 

I’ve always been a massive fan of LUSH products, but this was actually the first time I’ve received one of their gift sets. The best thing about the sets is that you get multiple different kinds of product, therefore get to try out things you may not normally put in your basket. 

1) ‘Honey Bee’ Bath BombA good soak in a Honey Bee bath will soothe and cleanse the skin thanks to its wonder trio of honey, aloe vera, and rhassoul mud, a clay mined near Morocco’s Atlas Mountains.”

2) ‘Honey I Washed The Kids’ Soap – A caramel-scented soap that lifts your mood and soothes and softens skin. Gentle enough to wash young skins, it’s like washing with crème brûlée in solid form. This soap contains mood-brightening sweet wild orange and bergamot oils as well as the soothing properties of honey and aloe vera gel.

3) ‘Soft Coeur’ Massage Bar – I was so excited to use this product as I hadn’t tried one of the massage bars before and it’s safe to say I loved it! For lovers of sweet smells, this massage bar featuring a familiar, comforting toffee fragrance. We added almond oil to our cocoa butter and shea butter massage bar base to allow this bar to melt quickly on the skin. The honey and cocoa centre will leave the skin smelling delicious. Smooth this sweet-smelling massage bar over the body for deliciously-scented and soft skin. 

4) ‘It’s Raining Men’ Shower Gel – When your skin’s crying out for some TLC, It’s Raining Men will come to the rescue. God bless Mother Nature for providing all the honey we pack into our luscious gel that nurtures as it washes. Honey is used for its many benefits for the skin. A natural antiseptic, it soothes and helps it retain moisture. We also add softening rosehip oil for good measure, while bergamot and sweet wild orange oils add brightness and lift the mood.

The best part?? The Knot-Wrap (seen below) 

Knot-wraps are also great alternative to paper and sticky tape, with just one estimated to be “22 times better for the environment than a box with paper, ribbon and shredded paper,” according to Lush’s ethical buyer, Maria Feast.

Based on the ancient Japanese tradition of furoshiki (the art of wrapping in fabric), knot wraps can be re-used in dozens of different ways — as a scarf, a hair tie, or as packaging for another beautiful gift. Greenspun fabric is manufactured from 100% recycled PET plastic bottles, reducing plastic waste which takes hundreds of years to break down. 

For more information: Click Here!

I would definitely recommend giving a LUSH gift set to someone as a present, or even picking one out for yourself so that you can step out of your comfort zone and try a range of new products.

 In case you see this, thank you again Gail and Ian for this lovely gift! 

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