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You may have read a previous post of mine ‘Finding A Balance‘ where I talk about struggling to juggle work, friends, family and hobbies. In this post I want to share with you 3 ideas of how I am going to keep organised but keep happy whilst doing so – I hope this can help you all too. 

1) Decide what’s most important to you each day. 

I’m a massive fan of ‘to do’ lists (mainly because I have a short term memory like Dory and forget what I have to do throughout the day) but it’s very handy to have written down what you have planned, then you you can organise any extra parts of your day around your main tasks. 

My new tip on ‘to do’ lists is: Why not try putting your tasks in an order of prioritisation? This way you can plan through them methodically and get the most important things done first.  I also find ticking/crossing them off as I go along very satisfying (I’m easily impressed).

I think prioritisation will help stress levels a lot because then at the end of the day you can be sure you have done the most important things that day.

2) Give yourself mini-breaks whenever you can.

Am I the only person who either has a super motivated day and keeps busy for hours or, finds themselves sitting on social media/Netflix for hours on end?

I feel like with myself it’s either or – never the right balance between the two. Therefore, my second step is to keep the motivation to stay busy throughout the day but allow myself for short breaks in between. It may seem like, with a million things going on, you really can’t afford to spend time being unproductive, but when you take time to relax and refresh yourself you’ll be a much better friend, family member, and significant other—and you’ll be more productive when working.” 

3) Make every moment of the day count.

“We can’t be everywhere at once, so focus on being where you are right now” 

I think this is one rule that everyone should live by, though I must admit it’s certainly not the easiest. “Abi, I spend 7 hours a work, 5 days a week, how am I supposed to make every moment count!?”, there’s two ways of looking at it; you can get out of bed and be happy or you can get out of bed and be miserable – the choice is yours. 

There may be some idiot driver who got in your way on the way to work, that could affect your mood but it’s over with now so is there any need for it to impact the rest of your day? And yes, work is a chore, but you have to go to work in order to earn a living so try and do it with a smile. If you keep your mood light and happy it’s likely your day will go quicker!  This could sound shallow but what I like to say is ‘just think about the money’ – you can then go out and enjoy yourself at the weekend! 

I hope you’re enjoying reading these more chatty posts ~ I’m really enjoying writing them. 

It’s time to start relishing the little things in between the bigger things in life.

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