ZOEVA – 103 Defined Buffer

Nothing beats the sight of a new pristine makeup brush. Recently, I stepped out of my Real Techniques comfort zone and decided to purchase a Zoeva brush. I’ve had my eyes on some of their makeup brush sets for a while now but after reading mixed reviews on their quality, I thought I’d purchase the one brush for the time being to see how I find it. 

Name: Zoeva 103 Defined Buffer

Price: £11.50 

Where: I personally purchased mine off of Beauty Bay

First impression: I was pleased with the packaging. The brush was well protected by the wallet and guard – which meant it was completely undamaged when it arrived. Also, the clear wallet could come in handy for travelling someday!

In terms of the brush itself, the bristles are soft and blend in foundation well. I have sensitive skin and I’ve noticed some face brushes irritate it, however this brush has been nice to the touch so far. The brush is also vegan friendly.

The angled face is designed for detailed application and all types of foundation. I’ve found having an angled brush is a lot easier to blend foundation into contoured areas such as the eyes and nose.

What tool do you like to apply your foundation with?

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