10 DIY Christmas Decorations

I’ve recently been creating some of my own DIY Christmas gift ideas to share with you, but those are coming your way soon! For now I thought I’d share some other inspiration I found whilst searching through Pinterest (you can find my boards HERE)

1) First off I found these super cute pine cone Christmas trees. These look really easy to make so therefore would be ideal to make with children. If you’d like more information on how to make these click HERE!I ha

DIY Pine Cone Trees | Click for 25 DIY Christmas Crafts for Kids to Make | DIY Christmas Decorations for Kids to Make:

2) I LOVE these decorations, if I had the time I would totally make this. However, although I know the website I found these on is called DIY and Mag, I can’t seem to find this garland on their site. Therefore, I can’t find instructions on how to create it, though I’m sure somewhere on the internet there is something similar.

Create this DIY Christmas garland. This Christmas sewing craft will be a wonderful handmade Christmas decoration.:

3) This next idea looks super easy to re-create, I’m pretty sure if you raided your local craft store at this time of year you’ll be able to find what you need. (Credit to Zomoc.com)

Make snow globes out of jars. | 26 Last-Minute DIY Christmas Hacks | none of these are really 'last minute', but they are good crafts!:

4) I love the look of a woodland touch at Christmas, so this next idea literally incorporates the wood. This looks super easy and cheap to create! You can even use an empty candle jar. 

Living Room Christmas Decorations- would like to do for those used Yankee Candle jars....perfect reuse and recycle:

5) This next idea is also super easy and cheap to create…if you are good with a pair of scissors and have a steady hand! For more information on how to create this click HERE!

Christmas Township Candle Jar: Quick and easy candle jar that will look amazing when illuminated at night. complete directions.:

6) Creating pillows probably isn’t something I’d personally do as they take quite a bit more effort than some of my other suggestions! However, I do love how these all look. The ladies over at the blog Lolly Jane have created a post on 50+ Christmas pillow tutorials, so if you’d like to check that out click HERE!

50+ tutorials to all the cute DIY Christmas pillows out there! Lots of step by steps directions for adorable Christmas decor! Great no sew options, painted pillows, lots of styles to choose from!:

7) I saw this idea in my Prima magazine but I’ve also just spotted it on Pinterest. It’s such an effective idea, especially if your house isn’t big enough for a literal Christmas tree – this one hangs on the wall. If you’d like instructions on how to create this click HERE!

I want to do this in my house this year.  Twig Christmas Tree with Lights - DIY Christmas Decorations:

8) Alyssa and Carla have created these lovely wire stars over on their blog (HERE

Handmade Star Wire Ornament | Click for 28 Easy DIY Christmas Decorations for Home | Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments Homemade:

9) Another post that could be created with your children is this banner. All the items can be picked up from your local craft store at a reasonable price. Vicky has created this and has given instructions over on her blog HERE.

DIY Merry Christmas Garland

10) Why not try making your own advent calendar? I must admit this made me giggle, but what a good way to use up your empty toilet rolls! Click HERE too see some more home made calendar inspiration.

Foto "pinnata" dalla nostra lettrice Alice Barboni  calendario dellavvento! *-* diy Christmas decorations:  

I really hope you enjoyed this post and that it’s inspired you as much as it has me. Come by next week to check out some DIY gift ideas that I have created! 

Talk Soon,

With Love,


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