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Hey Lovelies!

Long time, no talk! I’m on my last haul at college as I only have 4 months left, therefore I’m stressing out thinking of exams and coursework! Luckily now I have half term to have a rest and do some shopping haha.

I’ve been thinking of ways to make my blog a little different and more personal to me, and this is what I’ve come up with…

Personally I’ve always been a fan of watching look-books, hauls and going shopping. Also, it keeps running through my mind to start a YouTube channel…therefore I have decided to continue focussing mainly on my blog but to incorporate videos. I would like to produce more Outfit Of The Day blog posts, with the addition of a short video, on YouTube, of me wearing the outfit (like a mini look-book, but with only one look!)

THE DOWNFALL… I will not be able to produce posts regularly until after my exams are over. I will often post over the next 4 months, however I will not be producing regular content until after June 17th (my last exam, eeeeek)


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