Hot Chocolate Snowman!

Hello Lovelies! 

Do you wanna build a snowman? 

Today I wanted to show you how to create this Hot Chocolate Snowman! Perfect home-made gift for a Christmas present; easy to make, simple and effective. 

1) Select 3 small jars, from a craft store or I found these three small jam jars that I already owned. The bigger the jars, the more hot chocolate I suppose you give your friend! 

2) Next, super glue the three jars together by the lids. Make sure you don’t super glue the lids shut to the jars though! (make sure you can still open up the jars)

3) To turn your three jars into a snow man, you’re going to need some black card, orange card, some ribbon/string of your choice, scissors and a glue stick.

4) Here is how I made my snowman look:

5) Finally, finish off by filling the contents of your three jars! I have selected the three items bellow:

But of course you can fill your jars with the contents of your choice 🙂 

I hoped you liked this DIY! 

Talk soon



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