I’m Going to Just Keep Swimming

Hello Lovelies!

Today I just wanted to have a little chit-chat because I’ve been faced with a slight problem…

As you may know I’m 17, I go to college 5 days a week and I work on Saturdays (some Sundays also.) Autumn has commenced and winter is approaching, which means that I go to college and work in the dark at 8am and I come home when it’s dark at 5pm. I haven’t experienced being a blogger around this time of year before and I’m now trying to figure out a schedule of when I can get around to taking photos for posts with natural daylight lighting.

The next time I will get a chance to take photos will be Sunday afternoon, so a post should hopefully be up Sunday night, until then I may be able to find some images I’ve taken previously and not used, to continue talking to you guys – because that’s what I love doing!

If any of you are going through a bit of a struggle, whether it be with school/college to a fall out with friends, think of little Dory in Finding Nemo and ‘Just Keep Swimming’ everything gets better eventually!

Talk soon,



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