Halloween Makeup Using Everyday Makeup


For those of you who need a last minute outfit, this is perfect! Apart from the fake blood on my mouth, which can be achieved with lipstick anyway, I haven’t used any face paint or anything you won’t find in your makeup draw! The next 10 steps will easily guide you to the finished look…


 1) Of course begin with a clear face. I then used my vitamin E moisture mask from The body shop to moisturise my face.

2) Prime, conceal and apply a foundation. For this look I recommend using a paler foundation than your skin tone as it adds to the look.

3) Using a black eye shadow, I have contoured my face, blending out as I do so.

4) I have used a pale cream eye shadow on the base of my lid…


5) Then used a liquid eyeliner to draw two triangles on my lids. It was so hard to get them even! Some people like to invest in the creepy contact lenses, though this is a free alternative!


 6) For the lips I have planned out using two dots where I am going to make a line to…

 7) Then joined them up with my lips using a lip liner. These lines don’t need to be 100% symmetrical as once you start talking and smiling you don’t stay still enough for people to notice!

8) Taking my Rimmel lipstick (as talked about in this post) I am filling in my lips to make them brighter and bolder.

9) I then went back and applied some mascara and filled in my eyebrows with a black pencil eye liner (I wouldn’t do this on a daily basis if I were you)

10) To finish the look I had some fake blood from a previous year which I used to dribble down from my lips! If of course you don’t have fake blood, I would take a lip brush and your red lipstick and paint on some blood drips! This will also help even out any uneven lines created earlier 🙂

For my outfit I paired a H&M crop top with my Miss Selfridge black skirt – then my shoes are from New Look!

Thank you for reading + Happy Halloween!

I’m off to Poland in the morning therefore I won’t be posting for a week, take care and I’ll see you soon!




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