♥ Where am I? ♥

Hey Lovelies!

I’d just like to quickly update you on why I have been slacking on the quantity and quality of my blog posts. Over the past 3 weeks I have been travelling around visiting friends and family across England in a caravan. This has meant I’ve had limited (mainly no) internet, limited clothes and make up range and no proper showers – aka TORTURE. However, I have had a wonderful time with my parents and the people I have spent time with along the way 🙂 I arrive home on August 22nd so from then on I should be back into my normal blogging routine.

One last thing…

I’m VERY excited to have invested in a new camera, which means better quality photos AND a possible ‘accordingtoabi’ YouTube channel launching at the end of this month!

Keep posted for further updates 🙂

Love ~ Abi

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