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Hello Lovelies!

Recently I’ve noticed an odd addiction that I’ve been gaining. Whenever I go shopping I am drawn into looking at different sunglasses, and It’s reached the point that I’ve had to force myself to put a pair down because let’s be honest, you only really need one pair of sunglasses. So I’ve put together a quick post showing you my favourite pairs, enjoy!

River Island


Boohoo – £8

I found these ones on a market stall for £8

 Boohoo – £8

This is the same pair as above. I really like the skulls on the arms of the glasses!

 Urban Outfitters  

These are my prescription sunglasses, so I got them from my opticians and they were more costly

 I hope you’re all enjoying the sunshine! I’m going to go down the beach now – talk Sunday! Toodlepips


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