♥ Summer Bucket List ♥

Hello Lovelies!

As Summer is just beginning, it’s got me thinking of what I’d like to get up to over the next 10 weeks, alongside the usual summer activities. I’ve come up with 14 ideas of different things I’d like to do, which I’m going to document in a notebook with photos. It will be great to look back on the adventures this time next year! Here is what I’ve come up with…

1) Sleep under the stars – either camping or even making a den with duvets in the back garden. I think this would be super cute, and as the weather is getting hotter – not many blankets will actually be needed!

2) ((multiple)) Long walks / bike rides & picnics. This is one of my favourite things to do, especially if the scenery is lovely.

3) Visit Brighton – especially visiting the old lanes. ((and I’d be so so lucky if I bumped into Zoe))

4)  Try a new restaurant

5) Start driving and hopefully not crash…

6) Summer fairs including candyfloss!

7) Create/Sell some paintings

8) Complete #100HappyDays. This is where for 100 days running, I will document something every day that makes me happy with a picture and a message. For more information click > http://100happydays.com/ <

9) Successfully cook a meal!

10) Lie on the beach and watch the sunset

11) Roast marshmallows over a fire

12 ) Laugh until I cry / until my belly hurts

13) Re-decorate my bedroom!

14) Read some books

Finally, I would like to get into a better routine of uploading my blog posts. This will hopefully include some of my Summer Bucket List days!

Most of all I want everyone to enjoy themselves and be happy – why not create your own summer bucket list and tick off what you’ve completed? Don’t forget to take your camera along with you!

Is there anything specific you would like to achieve this summer? ~ Abi xo

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