♥ My Birthday in Brighton ♥

Hello Lovelies!

If you happened to have read my ‘Summer Bucket List’ you would know that I was wanting to visit the seaside town of Brighton this summer. So you can probably guess how excited I was to go on a day trip, with my boyfriend Alex, for my 17th Birthday! The day was spent adventuring the lanes, walking by the beach and two competitive games of air hockey on the pier. However, it wasn’t until I got home and uploaded the snaps off my camera, that I realised I hadn’t actually taken many photos…ergh. So I hope you enjoy what parts of my day I actually managed to capture!

Before long we came across La Choza; it wasn’t hard to miss with it’s brightly coloured pink and yellow interior, and the smell of the Mexican really made our mouths water. With Alex craving the Nachos, we shared a bowl as a starter before moving onto some loaded burritos, which I must say were absolutely delicious! Alex tucked into the spicy beef while I – quite literally – ended up digging into my pulled pork with a fork.

With our stomachs full to the brim we decided to take a long walk along the seafront, which of course meant a visit to the pier!

Bag – LYDC

Top – Quiz

Shorts – New Look



Sunglasses – A market stall

Shoes – An individual shoe shop


 I’ve had a lovely couple of days celebrating my birthday in different ways with different people. A massive thank you to Alex for this lovely day, and my parents for the past 17 years! I can’t believe that I can now be put behind the wheel and learn to drive!



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