♥ Healthy Breakfast Idea ♥


Hello Lovelies!


So recently I’ve been trying to eat healthier, and that includes eating breakfast (which I sometimes avoid before college) This breakfast fills me up, it’s yummy and healthy! You can twist what I have included, with your own likes!


I like to put my cereal in this large mug/small bowl, as it has a handle and I can carry it around while packing my college bag haha



First I pick a yogurt out of the fridge, I am enjoying these Fat Free Greek yogurts at the moment. I only have half the pot per serving though, and save the other half for a snack or to be used for breakfast the next day!




I then add a handful of granola, which is really yummy!



Next adding a few grapes and blueberries (or maybe a banana) 


To finish I have drizzled some delicious raspberry coulis over the top, this is really sharp but mixed in adds great flavour!



What do you like to eat for breakfast? 🙂




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