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Hello Lovelies!


One subject I am currently heaving myself through coursework with for college is Fine Art. Being given the word “Concealed” I have begun studying people concealing their emotions. On this piece I have used watercolour paints. Continue reading to watch how I achieved the outcome above!


Starting with a light sketch of the eyes, then painting the key features.


I began using black, this was a risk but I wanted to make the eyes dramatic because they are the key focus.


Keeping the paper and my paintbrush damp I have begun adding colour.

That eye looks a bit scary haha. Keeping my page vertical, I let the paint run – resembling tears.


Okay so I know people don’t cry rainbow tears, however as you know when you cry there are many emotions running through your mind (I’m hoping I’m not the only one otherwise I’m probably sounding stupid). Bellow is a colour wheel that shows how different colours apparently describe emotions…


 I hope you liked this Art post, It’s something different and art is a passion of mine 🙂


What’s your favourite subject if you’re at school or college? If you’ve left, what do you like to do in your spare time?


Hope you’re all well!





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