♥ Easter Holiday ♥


Hello Lovelies!


On Sunday evening, I returned home after having a lovely week away with family in Stroud, Gloucestershire. Now having to catch up on College work – I wanted to quickly put together this post to sum up the week in pictures and a few words.


Leading up to the Easter weekend, we visited many small country towns. These consisted of mainly Specialist shops, Cafe’s and Charity shops – in which I raided of everything I ‘fell in love’ with.



How adorable are these little meringue chicks though!?



The weather forecast for Easter Sunday informed us that heavy rain was on it’s way, so we decided to egg roll, egg hunt and go out for a picnic on the Saturday. We all wrapped up warm (a few of us looking like we’re ready for a ski holiday) and sat at the top of a hill, digging into – it felt like – an endless supply of sandwiches and cake. YUM.



I love how this photo catches everyone’s reaction to my Dad’s egg ‘rolling’ skills. In fact, it hit the ground and smashed into many segments.


Plenty of sausages, burgers, ribs, salmon, chicken, salad, potatoes more to go around – how about strawberries, chocolate and marshmallows (roasted over the fire pit) to finish? Wait a minute, there’s a cheese board!




“Family’s grow, some grow up
and some grow old.
some may move away only to return
on holidays.
But no matter how big they grow,
Or how old they get, or how far they
move away.
Family will always stay


 I hope you all had a lovely Easter

What did you get up to? 🙂










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