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Hello Lovelies!





This is a small LUSH haul! I popped into LUSH a few weeks ago with a friend, which resulted in stocking up on bath bombs to last me a while. I don’t often have a bath (don’t worry, I do shower), but when I do get time to relax in a warm bath – LUSH bath bombs make them perfect!

These bath bombs smell so yummy (do not eat them though, I don’t think they’ll have the same effect) and they make your bath look magical.

Spoilt for choice; this is what I picked up the other day…

1) THINK PINK – £2.50 “Comforting and reassuring. This beautiful bomb, complete with pink confetti hearts, is like a hug in the bath”

2) ICKLE BABY BOT – £1.95 “Sleepy time soother. Relaxing lavender and chamomile oils help your baby (and you!) get a good night’s sleep.”


Okay, so I chose this one because it’s so cute and dinky – also the smell isn’t too strong…I didn’t realise it’s supposedly for a baby hahah


 3) SPACE GIRL – £2.25 “Ground control to major bomb! On a different planet? This will have you feeling yourself in no time” 




4) FLUFFY EGG – £2.95 “The perfect antidote to overindulgence at Easter. Drop this sweet little egg into warm water for fizzing pink, candy scented fun.”


The Easter collection in LUSH is so cute, they all smell like sweets. This egg is a lot larger than it looks on the photo!


5) SECRET GARDEN – £2.95 “Bathe in an oasis of floral fragrance… Once placed in the bath, you’ll be treated to a beautiful bouquet, with rose petals, marigold, blue mallow flowers and yellow rose buds.”


I love the fragrance of this one, it’s just like Spring summed up in a smell (sorry if that made absolutely no sense)



6) SPARKLE (Toothy Tabs) – £2.50 “Blast away bad breath with this sweet solid alternative to toothpaste. Made with bicarbonate of soda, kaolin powder, citrus oils, and pepper, Sparkle gently cleans your teeth and refreshes your mouth.”


These caught my eye in the shop and as I haven’t tired them out before, I thought “Why not!” I don’t use these daily, however I do think they help whiten my teeth – slowly but surely over a few uses (probably the bicarbonate of soda)

One thing I am not too keen on is the taste…

And that’s everything 🙂




What are your favourite LUSH products?



– Abi xo

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