♥ Mothers Day: 5 Free Gift Ideas ♥

Hello Lovelies!




So, to continue from my last post – I am now going to give you some ideas on gifts that you can do for free, or at least with things that you can find generally in your kitchen cupboards. This is very brief, but can be interpreted in your own way!




1) Cake


How about making your mums favourite cake? Butterfly cakes are really cute and simple to make, or you could try out my Nutella Brownie, recipe! Most ingredients for these can be found in your cupboard, or at a small cost down the supermarket.

(not my own photo)

2) A Walk / Bike Ride

Spend some quality time with your mum (hopefully in the sun!)

3) Breakfast In Bed

This could range from cereal to a full fried breakfast – with a morning cuppa! Simple, but thoughtful.

There is a really cute breakfast idea (as seen below) created by Mai – you can read this here!

4) Movie

Of course you can go to the cinema, but personally I think snuggling up with your mum on the sofa and putting on a movie you’ll both love, is perfect! (Don’t forget her favourite chocolate or popcorn!)

5) Make / Create

A very brief idea that you can interpret in your own way 🙂 creating something is more personal and I’m sure your mum will love what you do! Some really cute creations and ideas can be found on Pinterest here.

I hope that this has helped 🙂 you can view my Mothers Day Gift Ideas HERE!
Have a lovely time whatever you get up to 🙂

What are you planning to do?

~ Abi xo




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