♥ Fitness Routine ♥

This is just a brief post of what exercise I like to get up to, including what I wear while doing it!

Good old rainy, windy England!


I am a college student, therefore I am at college 5 days a week. I also work on Saturdays, which makes it hard for me to find time to do some sort of exercise.

On Wednesdays I finish early, which means I get home around 3:30 – on these days I like to go to the gym. At the gym I like to power walk and jog on a treadmill, use the rowing machines and the cross trainers. I use the gym for around 45minutes before hitting the swimming pool, followed by relaxing in the sauna!

Sundays are my only day off, therefore I tend to either go shopping or I go to the gym in the morning followed by homework. Sometimes I go out on a Saturday night, therefore I like to have a lie in – this is when I would not go to the gym, and I will go for a power walk with my mum instead. However, if my mum is busy or the weather is awful outside, I will do exercises using my mat. These exercises are usually based on toning my stomach and…behind :’) (I am thinking about writing a post on my Top 10 Exercises That Can Be Done In The Home, that’s a pretty long title but you get the idea hahah)


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