♥ Sunday Nights – 5 things to do ♥

I apologise for my slack on posts, I’m a first year at college and the work load is hectic!! I’m still to write some blogs that I am loving on my Liebster Award post, I will do that as soon as possible x

That Sunday night feeling, we all hate it. I go to college five days a week, Monday – Friday, then I work on Saturdays 8-5; therefore Sundays are my only days off. Here is a list of a few things that I like to get up to and some ideas on what you could do to if you’ve got some free time! 🙂

(Baring in mind I do this AFTER doing any homework – You will enjoy it a lot more knowing you have no work to do after!)

1) #SUGGSUNDAY – Youtube is my guilty pleasure, I could watch videos for hours on end! hahah. The Sugg Siblings are both two of my favourites, and #SUGGSUNDAY is their day for uploading videos. If you have not heard of the Suggs before, I shall leave their Youtube Channels bellow and I insist that you check them out!
Zoe SuggZoella
Joe SuggThatcherJoe

2) Bath Time! – Put your feet up and have a lovely soak in a bubble bath!

Baylis & Harding – wild rose & raspberry leaf

3) Face Mask – Face masks cheap and a little bit of fun! Cleanse your skin before hopping into the bath or shower, ready for the week ahead of you 🙂 

4) Film – Snuggle into bed and pop on your favourite movie!

What I watched (again) today

5) Munch (aka yummy food) – Did someone mention a movie?! Grab yourself a hot chocolate and some sweets!


I hope you liked these few ideas, they’re personally my favourite!

Leave in the comments what you like to do on Sundays!

Enjoy the week,
~ Abi xo

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