♥ Liebster Award! ♥

Liebster Award? What is that you may ask…

The Liebster Award is where you nominate 11 bloggers who have under 200 followers and set up 11 questions for them to answer. They then nominate another 11 newbie bloggers with their own questions. I think this is a great way of talking to other newbie bloggers and help them out with viewers!
The first time I heard about this award was today after receiving a lovely comment on my Christmas Nails post, off Lysette. This will be my 11th post and I am very excited to be interacting with someone ‘in the same boat as me’ – so to speak, already. So thank you Lysette!

These are the 11 questions she has asked, I hope it allows you all to get to know me a bit more ♥

1) What is your favourite colour? I have never really had a favourite colour…if I had to pick one I’d say pink!

2) Name one country/place you have never been to but would love to visit: AUSTRALIA

3)Who is your inspiration? Zoe (Sugg) + Bethany Mota!

4) Favourite thing to do on a Friday evening? Watch Youtube videos (which I do most days but still) and eat loads! (I call Fridays ‘Fatty Fridays’, where I eat loadsss of junk food)

5)What would be your dream job? Something to do with Art and creativity!
6) If you could be any disney character who would you be? Simba ahah

7)What piece of technology could you not live without? Laptop

8)If you could have endless amounts of any food what would it be? Moser Roth Truffles (You can buy them in Aldi, they’re so good!)

9)Favourite film? LEAP YEAR, (go watch it right now if you haven’t and you like rom coms)

10) If you could have any talent in the world what would you love to be able to do? Be really clever, get a fab job, earn loads of money, buy loads of makeup…….

11) Favourite clothing shop? I love Urban Outfitters, I just can’t afford it, so Primark haha

I will edit this post tomorrow, adding 11 newbies and 11 questions

I hope you enjoyed this post ~ Abi xo

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