Wednesday, 29 November 2017

My Christmas 'To-Do' List

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I’ve gotten to that age where I don’t ask for anything major or specific for Christmas, instead I’m at that point where I enjoy giving presents to people and just making memories. This post contains part of my Christmas ‘to-do’ list, in other words it’s part of my agenda for December (eeeekk!).

-        Visit a Christmas Market – Each year I tend to visit the Winchester Christmas Market with my family and/or friends, however this year it’s time for a change of scenery; Joe and I are going to head up to Bath for the day to visit their market and have a shop. Shopping, Christmas food and pretty scenery, it’s one of my favourite things to do. I would highly recommend the Winchester Market if you’re near the area. 

-        Volunteering – There are so many different ways to volunteer at this time of the year, whether that be at a food bank; donating toys, doing something for your local community or donating money to causes. This year I will be spending a day with Wave 105 - Cash for Kinds - in conjunction with their Christmas Toy Appeal, where people from all around the local area have been donating toys for those children who will otherwise not receive a gift this Christmas. I will be wrapping/sorting/packing presents for a day! I will also be donating toys to the cause.

-        Create Joe a stocking – So….Joe informed me that he’s never had a stocking before and I was in shock. I’m not someone who’s fussed about receiving presents but I have to admit that I love receiving a stocking, and as it’s one of my favourite things about Christmas I can’t not give Joe his first ever stocking. I’m currently on a mission to find random and useful gifts to fill it with. Project: "Create Joe a Stocking" is well and truly underway.

-        Cook a Christmas meal for the family – I’m not going to cook the roast dinner on Christmas day because I don’t want to ruin everyone’s day, therefore I will leave my mum to do this haha! But on a day in December I aim to cook my parents and Joe a 3 course meal, from scratch, on my own. I’ve never cooked one meal before on my own never mind a three course meal for 4 people but for some reason I would really like to do it! I still need to pick a menu but I will let you know how it goes.

Do you have any special traditions or things that you like to do at this time of year? I love hearing about other people’s Christmas’ as every family seems to have their own routine and traditions.
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