Wednesday, 29 November 2017

My Christmas 'To-Do' List

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I’ve gotten to that age where I don’t ask for anything major or specific for Christmas, instead I’m at that point where I enjoy giving presents to people and just making memories. This post contains part of my Christmas ‘to-do’ list, in other words it’s part of my agenda for December (eeeekk!).

-        Visit a Christmas Market – Each year I tend to visit the Winchester Christmas Market with my family and/or friends, however this year it’s time for a change of scenery; Joe and I are going to head up to Bath for the day to visit their market and have a shop. Shopping, Christmas food and pretty scenery, it’s one of my favourite things to do. I would highly recommend the Winchester Market if you’re near the area. 

-        Volunteering – There are so many different ways to volunteer at this time of the year, whether that be at a food bank; donating toys, doing something for your local community or donating money to causes. This year I will be spending a day with Wave 105 - Cash for Kinds - in conjunction with their Christmas Toy Appeal, where people from all around the local area have been donating toys for those children who will otherwise not receive a gift this Christmas. I will be wrapping/sorting/packing presents for a day! I will also be donating toys to the cause.

-        Create Joe a stocking – So….Joe informed me that he’s never had a stocking before and I was in shock. I’m not someone who’s fussed about receiving presents but I have to admit that I love receiving a stocking, and as it’s one of my favourite things about Christmas I can’t not give Joe his first ever stocking. I’m currently on a mission to find random and useful gifts to fill it with. Project: "Create Joe a Stocking" is well and truly underway.

-        Cook a Christmas meal for the family – I’m not going to cook the roast dinner on Christmas day because I don’t want to ruin everyone’s day, therefore I will leave my mum to do this haha! But on a day in December I aim to cook my parents and Joe a 3 course meal, from scratch, on my own. I’ve never cooked one meal before on my own never mind a three course meal for 4 people but for some reason I would really like to do it! I still need to pick a menu but I will let you know how it goes.

Do you have any special traditions or things that you like to do at this time of year? I love hearing about other people’s Christmas’ as every family seems to have their own routine and traditions.
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(Do you like what I did there?)

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Top 5 Tips for Healthy Hair

Being a Blogger in Winter is one of the hardest things, it's impossible to take photos during the week because before I go to work it's dark and when I get home it's dark. Me being a dafty, I forgot to take photos last weekend for today's post. 

I posted this video a few months ago over on my YouTube channel, but I never posted it on my blog. So in case you missed it, here is is! My top 5 tips for healthy hair:

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Sunday, 19 November 2017

Switching Skincare Staples for Winter

As the seasons change, so does my skincare routine. I struggle with having dry skin and therefore my winter skincare consists mainly of products that provide moisture to protect against the colder weather. This post I chat about 4 facial essentials that I have been using recently, please leave in the comments below if you have any recommendations. 

 The Aveeno Moisturising Cream is my current go-to moisturiser. I have been applying this each morning before applying my makeup. It contains finely milled colloidal oatmeal  which helps restore the skin’s natural barrier, preventing water loss. I have to admit that the smell of the product  reminds me of porridge but it's natural and fragrance free. Aveeno have other moisturising products for problem area skin and also have an excellent baby range.

My night time routine currently includes this Loreal Paris Extraordinary Facial Oil. Containing 8 refined essential oils, Lavander; marjoram, romarin, geranium, rose, chamomile, orange and lavandin`, I have found that this to be an amazing formula to replenish my skin at the end of the day. 

An eye cream is a staple product, but one that I've only recently started using. This Olay Eye Transforming Cream is essentially the first eye cream I have ever owned and therefore I can't compare it to anything else that I've tried, but I feel like I can recommend it. It contains skin super-multi-vitamin VianiacinTM with Vitamins B3, E and C, has a thick creamy texture which quickly absorbs into the skin.  

Last up, I've been loving this Nivea Express Hydration Primer for those mornings that I'm in a rush. This product is enriched with Vitamins and natural Lotus Extract for moisture but is also a fast drying primer; It therefore combines two stages of my morning routine into one. 

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Monday, 13 November 2017

Glute Workout & Getting My Hair Cut! | VLOG

Yesterday I uploaded a vlog onto my Youtube channel, I filmed some of my favourite glute exercises, made a juice and got my hair cut.

It would mean a lot if you could 'like' and subscribe to my little channel - my aim is to upload weekly! 

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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Working On My Mental Health

I've always shied away from saying that I'm 'stressed', 'anxious' and more because I've always known that other people have it worse than me, so what right do I have to complain? But in reality, everyone has the right to voice how they're feeling and to take the time to work on themselves. 

Everyone's mental health affects them in their own individual way; from anxiety to anger, from stress to self-esteem, every person has there own personal battles. You personally may already be having professional help in your journey to working on your mental health, or you might be someone like me who is working on baby steps in their everyday routine to keep stability.

Below are 3 small qualities that I have added into my day-to-day life that make me happy:

Spending Time with Family / Friends

Nothing beats a good catch up with the ones that are closest to you. These are also the people who you're most likely to talk about your feelings to, so utilise them to give you advice / guidance. I love catching up over a coffee or going shopping (I'm a sucker for retail therapy). I'm not the biggest social butterfly but I understand how important it is to keep those 'good' friends close. I may not see them all the time but I know that they are there and they know that I am here; and then when we catch up it feels like yesterday. 

Having Some 'Me' Time / Take a Break

Personally I love to paint, read a book, have a bubble bath or even dance around the house with my headphones on singing along to Glee. Anything that makes my mind relax or focus on a different situation. 

At work, I have begun to try and leave my desk every lunch time for a walk around the lake opposite the office. It doesn't take long but it means that I get up and get some fresh air - away from my desk where I'll be sitting for the other 7 hours of my working day. 

It's amazing how much of an impact simply 'switching off' can make. 


Similar to the above, I've recently really started to enjoy going to the gym - it's the keeping active that helps me with stress and also helps me sleep. When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins. Endorphins also trigger a positive feeling in the body, similar to that of morphineDon't get me wrong, I understand that going to a gym won't be everyone's 'cup of tea', therefore how about going for a walk / trying out a dance class / going on a bike ride? Anything to get you moving and into a different environment. 

I decided to only talk on three points because I don't want to write you a book. Please leave any comments below on your thoughts / actions that you take. 

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Remember, it is ok to not be ok. There is always someone available to talk to you:

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