Thursday, 24 July 2014

♥ Sunglasses Collection ♥


Hello Lovelies!

Recently I've noticed an odd addiction that I've been gaining. Whenever I go shopping I am drawn into looking at different sunglasses, and It's reached the point that I've had to force myself to put a pair down because let's be honest, you only really need one pair of sunglasses. So I've put together a quick post showing you my favourite pairs, enjoy!

River Island


Boohoo - £8

I found these ones on a market stall for £8

 Boohoo - £8

This is the same pair as above. I really like the skulls on the arms of the glasses!

 Urban Outfitters  

These are my prescription sunglasses, so I got them from my opticians and they were more costly

 I hope you're all enjoying the sunshine! I'm going to go down the beach now - talk Sunday! Toodlepips


Tuesday, 22 July 2014

♥ My Birthday in Brighton ♥

Hello Lovelies!

If you happened to have read my 'Summer Bucket List' you would know that I was wanting to visit the seaside town of Brighton this summer. So you can probably guess how excited I was to go on a day trip, with my boyfriend Alex, for my 17th Birthday! The day was spent adventuring the lanes, walking by the beach and two competitive games of air hockey on the pier. However, it wasn't until I got home and uploaded the snaps off my camera, that I realised I hadn't actually taken many photos...ergh. So I hope you enjoy what parts of my day I actually managed to capture!

Before long we came across La Choza; it wasn't hard to miss with it's brightly coloured pink and yellow interior, and the smell of the Mexican really made our mouths water. With Alex craving the Nachos, we shared a bowl as a starter before moving onto some loaded burritos, which I must say were absolutely delicious! Alex tucked into the spicy beef while I - quite literally - ended up digging into my pulled pork with a fork.

With our stomachs full to the brim we decided to take a long walk along the seafront, which of course meant a visit to the pier!

Bag - LYDC
Top - Quiz
Shorts - New Look

Sunglasses - A market stall
Shoes - An individual shoe shop

 I've had a lovely couple of days celebrating my birthday in different ways with different people. A massive thank you to Alex for this lovely day, and my parents for the past 17 years! I can't believe that I can now be put behind the wheel and learn to drive!


Wednesday, 16 July 2014

♥ Top 3 Drugstore Skin Care Products ♥


Who else is guilty of owning about 50 things that supposedly clean up your skin? *raises hand* I must admit, I do own more skin care products that I actually need - however when it comes down to it - these 3 are my top 3 that I have purchased from Boots.

 I have chosen 3 that do completely different jobs, however I have not included my favourite makeup remover or moisturiser (which I also think help my skin). In no particular order...

1) No Clogs Allowed - Soap&Glory

This Soap & Glory, No Clogs Allowed product is a 'Super Self-Heating Deep Pore Detox Mask' - perfect for occasional use to clean out your pores. Simply apply to any pores for 1 minute, let the mask heat up then wash off! I have got the one with the old packaging, and I may have gotten mine cheaper at the time; however you can buy the new version in Boots for £11.50. > No Clogs Allowed

2) Foaming Cleanser - Simple

Pump twice onto your fingertips and massage into wet skin, then rinse. This cleanser helps remove make up and moisturise your skin; I also like how gentle this is to my sensitive skin. For a small price, you can purchase this from Boots for £4.49. > Foaming Cleanser

3) Blemish Stick - Witch

Fighting the bacteria that causes spots, the Witch blemish stick get to work instantly what you can see a spot occurring. At only £1.39 this product is very reasonably priced, and can also be found in a gel form which is only a few pounds more! I can feel this product getting to work straight away, however I only use it occasionally. > Blemish Stick

Thank you for reading!

- What is your favourite skin care product?
- Do you have any requests of what you'd like to see more of? :-)

Enjoy the rest of your week - hold on - It's nearly the weekend! ~ Abi xo


Sunday, 13 July 2014

♥ Summer Bucket List ♥

Hello Lovelies!

As Summer is just beginning, it's got me thinking of what I'd like to get up to over the next 10 weeks, alongside the usual summer activities. I've come up with 14 ideas of different things I'd like to do, which I'm going to document in a notebook with photos. It will be great to look back on the adventures this time next year! Here is what I've come up with...

1) Sleep under the stars - either camping or even making a den with duvets in the back garden. I think this would be super cute, and as the weather is getting hotter - not many blankets will actually be needed!

2) ((multiple)) Long walks / bike rides & picnics. This is one of my favourite things to do, especially if the scenery is lovely.

3) Visit Brighton - especially visiting the old lanes. ((and I'd be so so lucky if I bumped into Zoe))

4)  Try a new restaurant

5) Start driving and hopefully not crash...

6) Summer fairs including candyfloss!

7) Create/Sell some paintings

8) Complete #100HappyDays. This is where for 100 days running, I will document something every day that makes me happy with a picture and a message. For more information click > <

9) Successfully cook a meal!

10) Lie on the beach and watch the sunset

11) Roast marshmallows over a fire

12 ) Laugh until I cry / until my belly hurts

13) Re-decorate my bedroom!

14) Read some books

Finally, I would like to get into a better routine of uploading my blog posts. This will hopefully include some of my Summer Bucket List days!

Most of all I want everyone to enjoy themselves and be happy - why not create your own summer bucket list and tick off what you've completed? Don't forget to take your camera along with you!

Is there anything specific you would like to achieve this summer? ~ Abi xo


Friday, 11 July 2014

♥ Top 3 Drugstore Mascaras ♥




Hello Lovelies!

Mascara is my favourite makeup product, and I'm sure many of you will agree with me! Bellow are three of my favourite mascaras, all drugstore and work just as well as the higher end brands.

3) SCANDALEYES Rockin' Curves - Rimmel London

This mascara creates thick defined lashes, perfect for evening use or if you're someone who likes a bold look generally! £6.99 in Boots!

 2) The Falsies Volum' Express - Maybelline New York

Similarly known for being one of the beautiful Tanya Burr's favourite mascaras, the Falsies creates a perfect natural looking lash. - £7.99 in Boots!

1) The Rocket Volum' Express - Maybelline New York

This has been one of my "Monthly Favourites" for the past year or so. Being my most worn, I have re-purchased this mascara several times, it does it's job perfectly! Also £7.99 in boots.
Everyone has a different preference in applicator, however I'm sure these will work just as well for you as they have I. I hope you liked this sort of post. If you haven't tried one of these three out, why not give them a go! I'd love to hear what you think :-)
What is your favourite mascara? ~ Abi xo


Monday, 7 July 2014

♥ The Little Yellow Jacket ♥

Sunglasses - BooHoo

 Hello Lovelies!

Yellow has never exactly been one of my favourite colours, never would I have thought about wearing such a bright, bold colour. However...a few months ago I was looking around some charity shops and I came across this jacket - originally from Forever 21 - mine for just a few pounds. I took a leap and decided to purchase, conveniently a few weeks after 'The Yellow Jacket' became a big thing in the fashion world!

Outfit Number 1!

Shorts - TKMaxx
Sandals - Marks & Spencer 

Crop Top - Top Shop
Bag - LYDC



Outfit Number 2!

 Jeans - Miss Selfridge
Shoes - New Look
 Sunglasses - Boohoo
Top - Primark
Bag - Dorothy Perkins
Watch - Lipsy London
Bracelet - Top Shop
 Hope you're all having a lovely week,
when you next go shopping, try taking a risk into buy something you wouldn't usually!
~ Abi xo ~


Tuesday, 1 July 2014

♥ A Day With Me ♥


Including: My first Youtube video!

Hey Lovelies! Last weekend I visited Lymington a small town in the New Forest, England, with my family. I absolutely love visiting the New Forest as the scenery is pretty and tranquil, therefore I thought I'd show you guys some pics! Bellow is my first Youtube video, I've put together footage of this day so you could get to see more of the area, I'd love if you could watch and subscribe :-) enjoy!

2:30 = OOTD

Continue scrolling for some photos!

 Time for a cuppa'


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