Monday, 31 March 2014

♥ Nivea Lip Butters ♥

Hello Lovelies!
Just a brief post about these Nivea Lip Butters! I think they are great at keeping lips soft and moisturised.
 They come in 4 different smells / 'flavours' - however I don't have the 'original' one
This is my newest one, and also my new favourite!
Before I got this, the Caramel Cream went everywhere with me over the winter. The smell genuinely makes me want to eat it! 

As you can tell, it's a little battered
And finally, I have this Raspberry one - which smells like a smoothie! 
The one disadvantage I find about these is the consistency, they are very creamy which makes them thick, and this on your lips isn't very nice once you've done your makeup. When I get into bed to go to sleep, I like to apply a thick layer.
If you have tried these before or try them out, I'd love to know what you think!



Wednesday, 26 March 2014

♥ Mothers Day: 5 Free Gift Ideas ♥

Hello Lovelies!
So, to continue from my last post - I am now going to give you some ideas on gifts that you can do for free, or at least with things that you can find generally in your kitchen cupboards. This is very brief, but can be interpreted in your own way!
1) Cake
How about making your mums favourite cake? Butterfly cakes are really cute and simple to make, or you could try out my Nutella Brownie, recipe! Most ingredients for these can be found in your cupboard, or at a small cost down the supermarket.
(not my own photo)

2) A Walk / Bike Ride

Spend some quality time with your mum (hopefully in the sun!)

3) Breakfast In Bed

This could range from cereal to a full fried breakfast - with a morning cuppa! Simple, but thoughtful.

There is a really cute breakfast idea (as seen below) created by Mai - you can read this here!

4) Movie

Of course you can go to the cinema, but personally I think snuggling up with your mum on the sofa and putting on a movie you'll both love, is perfect! (Don't forget her favourite chocolate or popcorn!)

5) Make / Create

A very brief idea that you can interpret in your own way :-) creating something is more personal and I'm sure your mum will love what you do! Some really cute creations and ideas can be found on Pinterest here.

I hope that this has helped :-) you can view my Mothers Day Gift Ideas HERE!
Have a lovely time whatever you get up to :-)

What are you planning to do?

~ Abi xo


Monday, 24 March 2014

♥ Mothers Day: 5 Gift Ideas ♥

Hello Lovelies!
As you know, Mothers Day is coming up this Sunday! If you have not yet sorted out what to treat your Mumma to this weekend, then here are a few ideas of gifts that you could buy.
1) Pamper / Beauty Products
The Body Shop do lovely gift packages, great for your Mum to relax and pamper herself. They are also a very reasonable price for such nice products. With such a wide variety, there is bound to be something she would love! (Sets from £6)
Shea Shower, Scrub & Soften Luxury Gift - £25
 2) PJ's
How about a new pair of pretty Pyjamas to relax in? There are some lovely reasonable ones available in Asda 

Butterfly Pyjama Bottoms - £9

3) Perfume
A slightly more expensive present (well, depending on what perfume) - however I'm sure it would go down a treat!

Dolce & Gabbana Dolce Eau de Parfum
£62.00 - £73.00

4) Chocolate!

Easy winner! (Unless she doesn't like chocolate...) I know my mum personally loves it! If you are looking for something last minute, even your local corner shop will have some.

'Because You're My Mum' Premium Collection
5) Flowers!
How about her favourite flowers? Ranging from a small bunch of Daffodils for a few £, to a bouquet!  


I hope this was useful!


What have you got your Mum for Mother's Day?




Friday, 21 March 2014

♥ Small LUSH Haul ♥

Hello Lovelies!

This is a small LUSH haul! I popped into LUSH a few weeks ago with a friend, which resulted in stocking up on bath bombs to last me a while. I don't often have a bath (don't worry, I do shower), but when I do get time to relax in a warm bath - LUSH bath bombs make them perfect!

These bath bombs smell so yummy (do not eat them though, I don't think they'll have the same effect) and they make your bath look magical.

Spoilt for choice; this is what I picked up the other day...

1) THINK PINK - £2.50 "Comforting and reassuring. This beautiful bomb, complete with pink confetti hearts, is like a hug in the bath"

2) ICKLE BABY BOT - £1.95 "Sleepy time soother. Relaxing lavender and chamomile oils help your baby (and you!) get a good night's sleep."
Okay, so I chose this one because it's so cute and dinky - also the smell isn't too strong...I didn't realise it's supposedly for a baby hahah

 3) SPACE GIRL - £2.25 "Ground control to major bomb! On a different planet? This will have you feeling yourself in no time" 


4) FLUFFY EGG - £2.95 "The perfect antidote to overindulgence at Easter. Drop this sweet little egg into warm water for fizzing pink, candy scented fun."
The Easter collection in LUSH is so cute, they all smell like sweets. This egg is a lot larger than it looks on the photo!

5) SECRET GARDEN - £2.95 "Bathe in an oasis of floral fragrance... Once placed in the bath, you'll be treated to a beautiful bouquet, with rose petals, marigold, blue mallow flowers and yellow rose buds."
I love the fragrance of this one, it's just like Spring summed up in a smell (sorry if that made absolutely no sense)

6) SPARKLE (Toothy Tabs) - £2.50 "Blast away bad breath with this sweet solid alternative to toothpaste. Made with bicarbonate of soda, kaolin powder, citrus oils, and pepper, Sparkle gently cleans your teeth and refreshes your mouth."
These caught my eye in the shop and as I haven't tired them out before, I thought "Why not!" I don't use these daily, however I do think they help whiten my teeth - slowly but surely over a few uses (probably the bicarbonate of soda)
One thing I am not too keen on is the taste...

And that's everything :-)
What are your favourite LUSH products?
- Abi xo

Sunday, 2 March 2014

♥ Fitness Routine ♥

This is just a brief post of what exercise I like to get up to, including what I wear while doing it!

Good old rainy, windy England!


I am a college student, therefore I am at college 5 days a week. I also work on Saturdays, which makes it hard for me to find time to do some sort of exercise.

On Wednesdays I finish early, which means I get home around 3:30 - on these days I like to go to the gym. At the gym I like to power walk and jog on a treadmill, use the rowing machines and the cross trainers. I use the gym for around 45minutes before hitting the swimming pool, followed by relaxing in the sauna!

Sundays are my only day off, therefore I tend to either go shopping or I go to the gym in the morning followed by homework. Sometimes I go out on a Saturday night, therefore I like to have a lie in - this is when I would not go to the gym, and I will go for a power walk with my mum instead. However, if my mum is busy or the weather is awful outside, I will do exercises using my mat. These exercises are usually based on toning my stomach and...behind :') (I am thinking about writing a post on my Top 10 Exercises That Can Be Done In The Home, that's a pretty long title but you get the idea hahah)


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